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  • About the BAQ

    The purpose of Be Active Quebec is to promote the adoption and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle for youth ages 0 to 17 within the English-speaking community of the Greater Quebec City region. Our efforts are geared towards encouraging healthy eating habits and a physically active lifestyle…

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  • Canadian Tire Jumpstart Campaign

    Jumpstart is a national charity with a commitment to local communities. Jumpstart is more than just about getting kids active, it’s about giving kids from families in financial need the same chance to participate as their neighbours, their classmates and their friends.

    Whether it’s the chance to try a new sport or to continue with a favourite one, no kid should be left out. Jumpstart as the name implies, was initiated to help children and young people participate in non-competitive recreational sports. Funding is for children and young people of low income families; funds cover, up to a maximum of $300, registration fees, purchase of equipment and transportation costs.


    • Age: 4-18
    • Length of Activity: Minimum one hour per week for 5 weeks or, in the case of sport camps, minimum three hours per week for 3 weeks.
    • Annual Maximum: Two activities per child.
    • Family Maximum: All children and young people of the same family are eligible.
    • General: All funds must directly benefit children and young people; administrative costs are not eligible. Furthermore, the program does not reimburse monies already spent.

    Organisations receiving funds cannot receive more than $500 per calendar year.
    Jumpstart reserves the right to audit all requests for assistance.


    Requests for funding may be made at any time during the year; however, selection committee meets five times a year to study applications received before each of the following dates:

    • February 15th 2016
    • May 15th 2016
    • September 15th 2016
    • November 15th 2016

    To begin the process of applying please contact Sally St.Amant, Be Active Québec Project Coordinator at 418-683-2366 ext. 227 or

    For additional information please visit

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  • Healthy Tips

    10 Days with your kids and NO Television (or computer or tablet)

    Health Canada recommend that children ages 2-12 have only 6 hours a week of «screen time» or time spent in front of electronic devises. Children under age 2 are not recommended to spend more than 2 hours a week of «screen time» So start thinking of what you would do if you had to spend 10 days without being able to watch TV? Make it a challenge in your house to entertain children and parents by doing activities that don`t involve any electronic devise. Will you rediscover games like Twister or hide and seek or will you invent new ones. Introduce children to cooking or crafts in the time they would spend in front of a TV and see how their creativity helps them deal with boredom. See how long you can last and make it your next family goal to last even longer next time!